Wonky Badges

When I first bought the car I was keenly aware that it had paint work. One of the leading indicators was the misalignment of the rear badging.  If you look close enough you can see that the “Nissan” logo is about an inch off center, the “Altima” and “3.5SR” are running downhill, and the “V6” … Continue reading Wonky Badges

DriveNASA and HPDE

National Auto Sport Association Member We (SR35 and I) just joined with the intention of exploring HPDE1 at Barber coming up at the end of the month. I still have to tech the car out. Which means that an approved tech provider has to authenticate that your ride is in good enough shape to track … Continue reading DriveNASA and HPDE

Tire Trepidation

I knew when I purchased the car that the tires were weak. They were well worn Goodyear Eagle 235/45R18 which is the stock size for the 18″ alloy wheels. I had put off getting tires while I was researching the best tire for my needs. When changing the oil to Mobil One synthetic the dealership … Continue reading Tire Trepidation